Empowering people and their communities

We’re a Copenhagen-based Information Communication Technology company that specialises in technology that improves quality of life, especially for people with special needs.

Empowering people and their communities

Evryone is a Copenhagen-based technology company that builds solutions that inspire connection and improve quality of life.

Since 2008, we've built human-centric, accessible, inclusive, and intuitive solutions to everyday problems.

The values that guide us

Best in class

Evryone technologies and relationships are built to last. We are market leading with a fair price strategy using our industry insight across markets to innovate and nurture growth.

The user is our VIP

We strive to create unique value for all user segments based on an in-depth understanding and respect for the requirements, needs, and goals of both users and customers.

We celebrate cooperation

Our interdisciplinary teams develop, operate, and support all of our platforms and solutions. Working across industries, we find this to be a fruitful approach to digital development and operation.

Our products

IBG Interaktiv Borgerguide logo

IBG Interaktiv Borgerguide

IBG is a user-friendly, social platform for communication and planning. IBG is designed for housing facilities where the sharing of relevant information among people is paramount. The platform is an efficient communication tool, which can be used by both citizens and staff.

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Wicomico logo


Wicomico is a social platform for people who want to live smarter, share more, and have strong communities. Born from a collaboration with leading real estate developers, we are now opening up to a wider audience of self-organizing communities.

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Hubart logo


Hubart create state of the art kiosk solutions for shopping malls, buildings and urban spaces. We help your visitors find their destination, and ensure that events, news, and campaigns achieve maximum exposure.

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ProReact logo


Historically, our solutions have been focused on being playful experiences through interactive technology and are used in TV studios, information centers and innovative stores. Since 2010 we have been in partnership with the LEGO Group.

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